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youth-articleOur Youth Mission Ministry had its beginning in the same area where Brother Joe worked with “Bus Kids” from 1976-1982. Brother Joe became a Missionary to Streets in November of 1985, the non legal name was called Cross Over. It was Brother Joe’s dream to “Raise a Church” consisting of tough, gutsy inner city young people first from the Cass Corridor area then later in South West Detroit as the City’s population shifted. Cross Over was reorganized in 2002 to our ministries legal name, Outcry Youth and Street Ministry.

From 1993 until July 2012 Brother Joe and Miss Lisa normally held two “Youth Mission Services” per week with the kids and teens. Our services were often described as a “Kiddie College” with intensified Bible teaching, Scripture memorization, learning songs, athletic activities and simple Character training.

Brother Joe and Miss Lisa taught the young people Evangelism or “Soul Winning” and Street Preaching and Public Ministry. The group was extremely active holding weekly Services, Street Preaching, Homeless feeding and clothing, Summer Camps, all sorts of Youth Activities even taking the young people on meetings in Churches with us and also preaching at Biker Rallies in both Daytona FL. and Sturgis, S.D.

Brother Joe’s “REACH’EM, TEACH’EM & PREACH’EM” motto gave birth to an even more streamlined outreach simply called “The Street Preaching Group” and “The Cause” tour group. This was the group that participated in about 90% of all the youth ministries public outreach in Street Preaching, Homeless ministry and Biker Outreach.

Late in the summer of 2012 this GREAT Youth ministry finally just had to be sat down, as both “Life happened” and Brother Joe’s growing desire to reach both the Hard Core Street Addicts and Homeless people and thus refocusing was necessary.


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