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bootsNothing is harder on people on the Streets than winter! And nothing is more miserable for them than to have cold feet! Brother Joe is “cold natured” himself and cold feet causes him to get sick quickly. One day Brother Joe heard yet another person saying; “Those people just need to pull themselves up by their Bootstraps!” And immediately he thought of all the pictures he’s taken of men and women on Detroit’s Streets who have lost their toes, feet, even their legs to frost bite! And Brother Joe said, “How can they pull themselves up by their Bootstraps if they do not even have any feet left?”

It has been a major cause for Brother Joe & Miss Lisa to get new and gently used boots to people on the streets and to missions and shelters that service people all over the city and surrounding area.

Brother Joe has often said, “WE ARE AN EXTREMITIES MINISTRY!”       In bitter cold the toes, feet, fingers and ears are subject to frost bite. And both Brother Joe and Miss Lisa are the children of Veterans and to think that people on the Streets of Detroit, Michigan which was once called “The Arsenal of Democracy” are freezing body parts off is just wrong and downright Un-American and Un-Patriotic!

We have gathered and delivered thousands of pairs of new and gently boots to the people on the Streets of Detroit and to shelters as well, paid for by Churches, businesses, individuals and many thousands of dollars in personal Missionary Support!

Plus other “WINTER EXTREMITIES WARE” like warm socks, gloves, hats and of course Blankets, Cots and Tents! And WE NEED YOUR HELP!

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